Hello! How’s lockdown treating ya? Still shit? Yeah I feeeeel that
Well, during week 2 of mine I took these photos of me awkwardly posing some of my latest tees and totes.
As someone who has always hated having their photo taken, this was wildly outside my comfort zone, but how do you make progress if you are always comfortable? (- Olivia Denny, 2020)
First up, we have the Eat The Rich tee in baby pink! Fuck I love this colour combo.
The pink tees are in ladies sizes, therefore they are q slim fit and smaller than the standard unisex (cos all women are so petite and tiny of course!!) so if you are unsure on sizing, its best to size up. Or message me!
Oh, and its also available as a tote too!
Next up, we have a gorj (faux) fur coat available on depop now, as well as the Have a Fucking Nice Day tee.
I got inspiration for this from the original 70s smiley face as well as the common slogan at the time, ‘have a nice day!’
Here, ya gal is dramatically smooshed up in the corner of my building’s lift wearing the ‘Men of Quality’ tee. I found this phrase on a picket from the 3rd wave feminist protests in 1970 and fell in love.
This would be great to shove in some old misogynists face when they’re having a go at you for not smiling on the bus, or something equally as stupid.
It does also feel frustrating for me, that still, 50 years later, we are fighting the same battle. But damn, how far we have come! And we ain't stopping here.
YUCK FOU is just a little cute one I thought up. Also great for aforementioned misogynists.
Aaaaaaand finally, we have the Orgasm a Day tote in black. Post nut clarity is a thing guys. Don’t dismiss it.
I hope you enjoy these pics. I won’t lie, as much as I didn’t want to do it in the first place, I am sooooo glad I did! I feel like they are not terrible, and am q proud of myself for overcoming a ‘fear’, although I’m not sure I’m going to do it again any time soon… I much prefer being on the other side of the camera! And if you ever wanna check out my other photography you can find it on my personal account @olvdnn.
And please let me know what you think!! Any and all feedback is appreciated sooo much. And if you’re mean I’ll fuckin do you in, so please don’t.
Olivia xxx

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